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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting Started Online

Did you want to make your current print advertising into an Email Blast too? 

I would recommend doing an Email Reminder that will feature 2 products at a great price and we can also place a link to your full Dealer’s Choice Ad.  You will notice in your BW packets for the Dealer’s Choice there is an option to add on an Email Reminder. Simply fill out the edit sheet on what you would like to do and we will proof your Email Reminder via email.  To add an Email Reminder to your Dealer’s Choice sale is $30.00 each.

Click the link below to check out a sample

The second option would be to do a custom email blast with a list of sku numbers that you send to me.  You will be able to pick up to  around 15 products and I will make a custom design based off of the products you select.  To do a custom design is $40.00 each.

 Click the links below to check out a couple samples
 August Sale: 

Vendor Specific: 

Winter Sale: 

All of the options above will be able to be emailed out to your customers, shared on your Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, along with being able to add to your website if applicable.  We also have an option of adding a tab to your Facebook page to have your sales up on your Facebook page 24/7.  

Questions?  Just ask Allison and she will be happy to answer them!

Have a great day Dealers!